Coming Home

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I’m in the Houston airport on my way back home from Arizona, and I thought I could write a little bit about my trip.

I got there on Friday night… pretty uneventful.

Saturday- I woke up, hung out for a little bit at my dad’s apartment, and then my dad and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. The reason this is significant is because we were meeting my brothers there. I have two brothers that have lived in Tucson their whole lives, and I have only met one of them one time back when I was about 9… therefore, I consider this the first time I have ever met either one of them. Their names are Danny and Russell Barry. They are each in their mid 20’s. It was really cool getting to finally meet them. In my opinion, I’m exactly like Danny. I could tell that he was my blood brother. Russell is married to a girl named Candice, which I kind of thought was ironic… maybe it’s just me… After meeting them, my dad and I went to go see the Dark Knight. It was just as amazing the second time. Anyone wanna go see it a third time? Just let me know! After the movie, we headed home to watch the UFC fight. My boy Anderson Silva took care of business in less than two minutes. It was sweeeet!

Sunday- We woke up Sunday and got some stuff together. We hopped in a rental car and took off for the Grand Canyon. The drive was either incredibly interesting or absolutely boring. We were either 6,000 feet high in the middle of mountains and up in the clouds, or we were driving for miles and miles with nothing to see in the middle of the desert. It only took about 5 hours to get there, which went faster than you would think. Once we got there, we checked in to our hotel, and set out around the little town that is on the edge of the Grand Canyon park. It was cool seeing how they had that little town in the middle of nowhere just because the Grand Canyon was there. We even went to an IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon. This movie was the most watched IMAX movie of all time, and it was pretty cool. After the movie, we went back to the hotel and watched the ESPYs and then headed to bed.

Monday- Monday was a long day.
On Monday, we woke up about 8 or 9 and got ready to go check out the Grand Canyon. We finally got over there about 10…the first view was absolutely amazing! I walked over a little hill, and then there it was. They said that on the clearest day, you can see about 250 miles! It was unreal. Pictures could not explain how big this thing really is. There was few weird things about the Grand Canyon and the town that was there at the park. Hardly anyone spoke English… I heard more people speaking French and German and all those Asian languages than I heard people speaking English. I felt like I was a tourist in Europe and not an American in America. Another thing was that there were hardly any rails at the Grand Canyon. In case you didn’t know, there are a ton of cliffs at the Grand Canyon. Some are only three of four thousand feet high… some are over eight thousand feet high. Instead of putting safety rails up, they just have signs everywhere… signs that say “If you get to close to the edge, you could fall off and you will die”. Pretty strange… Well, after hanging out at the Grand Canyon for a few hours, we jumped in the car and went to Phoenix, where my beloved Chicago Cubs were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Can I just say…my dad is awesome! He got us sixth row seats behind the Cubs dugout, and we got there as soon as batting practice started, so during batting practice, I got to sit on the Cubs dugout and watch them warm up only a few feet in front of me. It was awesome! All my favorite players were about 10 feet away. They aren’t much for signing autographs… probably because there were easily over 1,000 people wanting one, and if they signed one and not everyone else’s, those people would have went crazy. The game on the other hand…not so good. The Cubs only got two hits, didn’t score a run, and lost 2-0. The Diamondbacks weren’t so good either. They only got two hits, a home run and a triple. Not the most exciting game, but still it was awesome to be there to see it. After the game, we drove another 2 hours back home to Tucson to go home.

Tuesday- We hung out for the most part all day. That night, we got ready and went to the Tucson Sidewinders versus the Iowa Cubs game…the minor league teams for the teams that I saw the night before. This time, we had seats on the Cubs dugout. It was pretty cool. Plus, this guy was making a rehab start at the game to rehab his hand, and he was about five feet away from me all the time. The Cubs were up 4-1 going into the bottom of the ninth, but they gave up 3 in the 9th and one in the 10th to lose the game, 5-4. It was a great game though. After the game, we went by my dad’s ex-wife’s house to pick up something. The reason this is significant… She is 138 cats. That is not a typo or an exaggeration of me trying to be funny. She actually used to have more, but now she is at 138 cats. I went in the house just to see it, and it was unreal. There were cats everywhere… in the sink, on the cabinets, in the entertainment center, in the couches, in the windows… everywhere. They even have their own room in the back of the house. I went back there to check it out, and there had to be 50 cats in one room alone. It was wild!

Wednesday- I’m on my way home as we speak. Time for me to go… my flight is boarding.

If you read all of this, then you are awesome.


Gonna Be A Long Day

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Been a long time since I wrote a blog…

Last night, I went to see The Dark Knight at midnight. The movie was… insane, unbelievable, incredible, jaw-dropping, and all things that are related.

Heath Ledger’s performance was absolutely amazing. Part of this was probably because he is dead. However, most of this is probably because the way he portrayed the Joker was unreal. It was unlike anything I’ve seen in a villain. If you would have made me watch that movie without me knowing anything about it or the characters in it, I would have seen the Joker and I wouldn’t have had a clue which actor is playing that character. He didn’t even seem like the same person that sang in the bleachers during “10 Things I Hate About You”. It was great. I would go see it at least eleven more times.

Well, the movie didn’t end until about 2:45 this morning, and by the time I got home and fell asleep, it was well after 3:30.

After less than three hours of sweet, sweet sleep, I woke up and went to work for almost 8 hours.

Now, I am at the airport sitting at my gate waiting to get on a flight to Dallas. After I get to Dallas, I am getting on another plane to Tucson, Arizona. This is where I get to see my dad. I haven’t seen my dad in what feels like forever, so it will be a good change from talking to him on the phone every night. I’m excited for all the things we get to do…we are going to see this place, these guys play, and I also get to see my two brothers, who I have never seen before in my entire life.

And by the time I land in Tucson at 10:25 Pacific time, I will be dead tired. This is too much for less than three hours of sleep… but it will be all worth it!

Feeling The Burn

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So…I definitely got fired today!

I called in to work and told them that I wasn’t coming in because I got a ticket to Brighton’s graduation. They were having their graduation inside in their gym because it was raining, and each student only gets six tickets per student. Well, I caught some good luck and ended up getting a ticket.

After calling in and telling my manager that I wasn’t going to be able to come in today, he basically told me that he couldn’t let me do that and that I was going to have to come in anyways.

Well, I hung up the phone, considered my options, and then called him back.

I told him that I wasn’t sure if I phrased it like a question the time before, but this time I wasn’t asking if I could go to Brighton’s graduation, I was telling him that I was going to Brighton’s graduation. He asked me to explain why again, so I did, and then he clarified that I wasn’t coming in at all. I said,”No, I’m not coming in at all”. We said our goodbyes.

After I got off the phone, I started playing Guitar Hero. Well, he called me 4 or 5 times while I was playing. I was so in the zone that I wasn’t about to pause my game, so I just let it go to voicemail. Eventually, he left me a voicemail…

He basically said that me missing work for a graduation wasn’t a viable reason to miss work, since I wasn’t sick or I didn’t have a doctor’s note…As a result, I was terminated from Hibbetts Sports, effective immediately.

On the bright side, I start back at the Y in less than 2 weeks, so I am super pumped about that!!
I also got to see a ton of my friends graduate tonight. Stephen, you’re speech was awesome dude! Congrats 08!

New Video

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This video is called “I Want You Back”.

While the video is a little long, stick with it…personally, I think it’s really funny.

Final Four

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For those of you who don’t know me very well, one of my favorite things to do is watch sports at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Well, seeing as my Memphis Tigers are in the Final Four, I figured that there could be no better place to watch the game than Buffalo Wild Wings less than a mile away from the Memphis campus.

I showed up yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon. Tiger Tip Time: 5:07.
Needless to say, there was a lot of time to sit around, but thank Jesus we got there when we did, because that place was full by 3.

When the game started, I swear that place was shaking. There had to have been 500 people crammed into this little restaurant, way more than there were places to sit.

In case you didn’t watch the game, Memphis dominated UCLA basically the entire game. Thanks to the domination taking place in the game, BWW was going absolutely crazy the entire game. Even during TV timeouts, this place was full of people who were chanting, yelling, and clapping as loud as they could. During one timeout, someone stood up onto the bar and threw a bunch of stuff into the crowd of people. Yours truly came a way with a Coors Light bottle opener in the shape of a basketball…haha.

One of the local news stations even showed up to get a video of how crazy this place was. I tried to take some pictures on The Phone, but it just doesn’t catch how crazy this place was. I might try and post them later!


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I’m incredibly tired right now, but I promised I would write a blog, and so I am forcing myself to do it.

Tonight, in celebration of my birthday, Kelsey, Karlie, Ashlin, and I headed downtown to this restaraunt. The sushi there is awesome, and it’s just overall a cool place to be.

After the dinner, we headed over to this place where we got some ice cream and just hung out for a few minutes.

We were waiting for our movie, The Ruins, to start. Funny thing about this was that the Peabody Place is a very strict place. They have their own code of conduct and security guards that enforce these rules. When I went to get everyone’s movie ticket, the man in the booth looked at me and said,”Can I see some I.D.? This movie is rated R.” I gave him my I.D., he looked at it, smiled, looked back at me, and I said,”Yes, today is my birthday. I am 18.”

It was a sweet feeling.

The movie, however…NOT a sweet feeling.
Don’t go see this movie. Please. It was a waste of money. If you are looking to get rid of some money, don’t spend it on a ticket to this movie. Just send it to me.

Overall, a great night with my best friends. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

See ya in the rated R movies!!!

The Countdown

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The countdown has begun.
Make fun of me if you must, but I will only be a child for 5 1/2 more hours.

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday.

I am excited.
I am going to eat sushi.

If you need my address to send me money, then you leave me a comment and I’ll send you the address so that you can send me the money.

But you might need to Fed Ex it, because I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but you only have a few hours.