Ghetto Church

Yesterday, I went to this church service on campus. It’s called “Transformed”. It was kinda cool. Good music. Average speaker. The interesting thing about it was that it was held in this giant open conference room. The conference room was set off by those portable walls. Well, on the other side of our “wall”, apparently an African-American organization was meeting.

Well, maybe they were meeting. It sure sounded like they were partying.

Literally as soon as the message started, someone on the other side yelled “HEEEEEYYYYYYOOOOOOHHHHHHH!” as loud as they could. Next thing you know, you hear “OWWWWWW” and “YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH”.

It was like a Lil’ John concert was going on.

Well, they calmed down for a little bit…….until it got down to the climax of the message. The speaker was like “Satan will come against ya, he will send demonsa, he will send impostersa, they will give you tricksa” and ther next thing you know…..

Rap songs just start bumping…to the point where you can’t hear the speaker anymore. “Beautiful Girl” by Sean Kingston was blaring. The speaker was hollering, and you hear “YOU’RE WAY TOOOO BEEEAAAUUUUTIFUL GIRL” and then they changed it and you hear “HEY SEXY LADY! IT WAS NICE TO KNOW YA”.

The whole time the speaker was trying to continue with his message. When he realized that everyone was dancing and into the music and not him, someone came up and closed it in prayer. During the whole prayer, all we hear is “HEY SEXY LADY! IT WAS NICE TO KNOW YA! BUT I GOTTA MOVE OOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!”

Funny stuff


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