Oh, what to do, what to do….

Today I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is now my favorite store of all time, and I ran across the section for soccer jerseys. Now, I am a HUGE soccer fan, and if I was to be honest, I’ve never seen some of my favorite teams jerseys in real life. Just in pictures and T.V. So, when I saw these jerseys, I basically kinda freaked out. I was like “JACKPOT”, and started debating which one I was going to buy. I have been dying for a soccer jersey, and I finally had my chance to get one. It was between one of these two. I walked around the store for 3 hours wondering if I should get a jersey or not.



So, I didn’t pick a jersey because I don’t have any money, but mark my word, when I get a job, I’m getting a freaking jersey.


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