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Experience of A Lifetime

Posted in Uncategorized on September 30, 2007 by jmoffat

Tonight, I watched the movie The Kingdom. This movie was easily the movie that I wanted to see the most this year. For some reason, I felt like it would catch my emotions and pull me in like no other movie.

Good lord…

Here it is, 3:15 in the morning and I still can’t sleep. The movie messed my emotions up. Not like I’m sitting here crying or anything like that. It was unreal. It wasn’t like I was watching the movie. I felt like it was real life, and I was there. It tugged on every emotion that is emotionally possible. It was so realistic. Transformers was a great movie, but I’m not into those movies where “that would never happen”.The Kingdom was unreal. A movie critic some where said that “the last 30 minutes will take your breath away…you will literally have to pry your fingers away from the arm rests to be able to move”.

Words can not do justice to how true this is. When the movie was over, nobody in the theater even got up. People were in shock. Here I am, hours later, and I am still messed up by this movie.



Soccer…Boring? HA!

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For those of you who find soccer so boring that you couldn’t watch a game to save your life, maybe you should check out the line from the Reading-Portsmouth game in England today.

I Have Just Been Handed Urgent And Breaking News

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My Urgent and Breaking News

Ultimate Morning

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Last night, I came out of my bedroom at about one in the morning to throw something away. There was about 7 or 8 people in my living room. One of the, Jordan, was like,”Hey Mo-Fat, we are going to play some Ultimate Frisbee on the campus green. Wanna come?”…

…sure. I’ve never played before, but everyone loves it.

Man, that was freaking intense. It was so much freaking fun.

After we played Ultimate, we just walked around campus. We walked around in a fountain. Brendan, who had on a nice polo shirt and khakis, got up on the ledge of the fountain. This was about the time that he realized how slick the edge of the fountain was. He started to say something, but by the time he did, he had fallen completely into a fountain. It was hilarious.

Next, we met a KSU police officer. Funniest thing that’s ever happened to me. I am not allowed to post anything that he said on this blog, because I would like for it to be at least PG rated. This guy was the funniest person I have ever met , and he said some things you would never expect a cop to say. Jay, you are the man.

By now, it’s 3 in the morning. We all head back to the room. I get to bed at four.

Great night…

or should I say morning?

Moffat’s Gone Bilingual

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Every day, I go to Noonday Park and take some shots on the soccer fields….

Well, today, I got in a little shoot out with some Mexican guy…By the way, he had on a sweet jersey. Valencia…nice.

Anyways, he plays goalie, and I prefer forward, so I just took some pk’s on the guy. Little by little, his friends started showing up.

Little by little, I realized that none of them spoke any English.

Pretty soon, there were about 8 of them, all speaking crazy Spanish…Then, there was me. Still speaking English.

Every time I said something, they all just kinda looked at each other. Awkward, but I still handled those Mexicans when it came to futbol…well, kinda.

Mellow Mushroom

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After an eventful day in class…


About 15 people from my learning community headed over to Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place and chill spot for students right across the street. Most of us walked, but some people drove. This was interesting, because we had to cross Chastain Road, which is one of the busiest streets I’ve ever seen. After waiting for the lights to change so we could get the little white hand to walk, we just decided to go a little farther down the street and jay walk. Well, we got a small break and cars, and without warning, about 5 of us just took off running. It was intense! We were all yelling and sprinting like crazy!

Don’t worry parents…I’m fine.

Well, we finally got to Mellow Mushroom, and it was awesome! Just chilling and hanging out with people from my learning community was so much fun.

The food…Holy crap.

Jake, Wiley, and I split a Bar-B-Q Chicked Pizza. It had cheddar, mozzerella, grilled chicken, barbeque sauce, and bacon on it.

Hands down…best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

The walk back, not so fun. It was a solid mile from Mellow Mushroom to my dorm. It started raining.

Oh well…It was worth it!

Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place

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A friend and I were talking today just about life in general.

I posed this question, and wanted to know what everyone thought.

“Which is worse, knowing what you want and not being able to have it, or not knowing what you want at all?”

Please leave a response of some kind…..I didn’t post this so that I could read my post over and over.