Freakin Sweet Weekend! (Part Three)

I wake up after getting about 3 1/2 hours of sleep at David’s house and get ready to head to Crosspointe. They just got a new pastor, and he is really good. Things might be turning around at CBC!

After church, my lovely mother and I took off to Texas de Brazil. Good Lord….. I could eat there every day for 6 months straight and never get sick of the food. It is DEFINITELY one of my favorite places to go to in Memphis.

After TDB, I came home and took a sweet nap. With all that food in my belly and only 3 hours of sleep the night before, it was well needed to prepare me for the night ahead. When I woke up, I headed to the Woodards’ house to finish filming the video from the night before and to watch some movies. We watched “Vacancy” and “Blades of Glory”. Good stuff….but a word to the wise. If you are going to watch a scary movie, you might not want to sit beside her or her unless you want to be deaf from all the screaming going on.

I know you are all waiting for the release of the video that David and I filmed with the Woodards. Well, guess what? I edited it tonight just for you because I knew the wait would have killed you.

Here it is!!


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