Call Me JR

I’ve always wanted to be like this guy….

HAHA…that’s funny….

Seriously though…he goes to a lot of meetings. Like 12 a day. So, today, I decided to do my best JR impression and have a meeting with someone I didn’t know about church.

Their names were Josh and Tim. They are leaders in a campus organization called Campus Crusade. It’s basically just an on campus ministry that helps students come to know Christ. During the first week of school, I filled out a survey for them to get a free planner. They called me, and asked if I wanted to get some lunch. Sure, why not?

So, I got some food in the Student Center with Tim and Josh and just kinda hung out….it was cool.

Something else cool happened today…..

You know how you hear about late night cram sessions, killer mid terms, and research papers in college?

Guess what we did in KSU 1101 today?

The teacher put us into groups, gave us 15 pieces of paper, some scissors, and a roll of tape…..the contest?

Make the tallest tower out of paper that can stand up for the length of class…..



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