Today I went back to classes. We had a guest speaker in geography, and he was NOT american. He kept saying “public health”, but it definitely came out as “pubic health”. So instead of attempting to listen to crappy English, I just got on Facebook, ESPN, and other websites that I find interesting. I’m sorry Mom and Dad.

After this, I went to English. Semi-interesting class….

Now comes Anthropology. In this class, all we do is bring up a point and just start arguing about it. Today was quite an interesting topic.

Creation .vs. Intelligent Design .vs. Evolution?

I have always felt towards a certain one, and very against a certain one. However, I will say that there are some very intelligent people in that class with some very interesting view points. The argument lasted about an hour, and I heard some very interesting things that I have never heard nor thought about before. I can honestly say that going into that class I felt one way…..

….coming out I felt a little different…..

Not like I love Jesus and now I hate Jesus kind of different…..

….just different.

It’s a little something to think about.


One Response to “Hmmmm….”

  1. too bad I wasn’t in that class…I dominate when it comes to debates!

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