R R R Random Thoughts

Last night, while Jonathan was shaving my head, he informed me that I have the hairiest neck on the planet….nice huh?

I can feel the wind on scalp now.

Scalp is a nasty word.

I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings with some guys from class to watch the NFL season opener. It should be fun.

They cut the price of the iPhone $200, when I bought one this weekend. Thanks a lot Steve Jobs, you queer.

I have to write a 4-5 page paper on “That 70’s Show”…..kinda sucks, but it’s kinda cool right?

There are some exciting games coming up this weekend in the world of football…let’s go Titans.

If my Cubs don’t win the NL Central because this guy’s Dodger’s keep beating us, I’m not going to like him a lot.

I have an intramural softball game tomorrow at 11. That should be fun.

Wait, I have no glove. This might not be fun.

I hope I can find a glove.

Everyone says I look older now. I told them it’s true, because I get older by the second.

I thought that last one was funny. You might not.


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