All day today, I had been looking forward to football….yes the NFL, but I mean international football. The real football…..


Brazil was taking on the U.S.A. at Soldier Field in Chicago today. I was so excited. I was a little bummed when the only place I could find it on T.V. was Univision. If you don’t know what Univision is, it’s an allllllll Spanish channel. Nothing is in English. So I watched the game in Spanish. After America scored their first goal, they were showing replays, when I noticed a huge banner in the background behind the goal. It read:


It was about this time that I realized the game was not only on Univision….but also on ESPN. So I had watched a whole half hour not knowing what anyone was saying when all I had to do was go to ESPN, and all my dreams would be reality.

Well, I fliped over to ESPN, and watched America put up a good fight, but lose 4-2. If you say soccer is boring, you obviously have never watched Brazil play. Unreal stuff….

Another odd thing happened today in my world of sports. I’m sure a lot of you play fantasy football. Well, if you do, most of you will know how incredible Steven Jackson’s fantasy numbers are. Last year, his statistics were unbelievable. This year, he promised 2,500 all purpose yards. This would mean he would have to AVERAGE about 156-157 yards per ganme. These stats would kill people in Fantasy Football. I figured he could do that, so I drafted him with my first pick this year.

You know what he did today against the Panthers?

61 yards and 2 fumbles.

Thanks STEVE……homo.


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