My Emergency Room Adventure (Part One)

I’m sure all of you are wondering…..

What happened to get you to the emergency room?

 Well…I will tell you. If I was to be honest though, the real story is what happened in the emergency room. I would also like to say that I’m rreally a smart kid.

It all started with a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup. Those are some big cans of soup. I tried to open it with the little pull top that’s built into the can. It snapped off. I guess I’m just that strong. After that, I thought, I’ll just use the can opener. The can must have been too big for the can opener, because it just kept rolling off. So I was down to my last option. Yep, I grabbed a knife out of the drawer. NO, I DIDN’T CUT MYSELF WITH THE KNIFE. I’m not THAT dumb. I tried to pry the can open using the knife. The knife slipped on the top of the can, and my thumb went right into the top of the can. I knew something was hurting, and by the time I said,”Hey, I think I cut myself” to my boy Sam, blood was already all the way down my hand and halfway down my arm. Not like a little blood. A lot of blood. I told him to pause Guitar Hero and look at it, and by the time he did that blood had covered my arm and was dripping off of my elbow onto the counter. All I could say was “Gruesome”.

 Well, we tried to bandage it up, but it just kept bleeding….and bleeding….and bleeding. I bleed through about 5 or 6 layers of gauze and 4 or 5 paper towels. We waited until about midnight(the cut happened at about 10:30), and decided that I should get it looked at. The on-campus doctor place was closed, but we found a hospital nearby that was open. I bled all the way to the hospital too. It was like a freaking river. Gruesome stuff. Well, we finally got to the hospital at about 12:30.

 This is where the adventure begins……you HAVE to check back to hear what happened at the hospital.


One Response to “My Emergency Room Adventure (Part One)”

  1. I think its funny that you called yourself smart…how modest of you…

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