My Emergency Room Adventure (Part Two)

I know it’s been a few days since this has happened, but I told you I would let you know what happened in the emergency room. It’s a way better story than how I got cut.

Well, once we got in the emergency room, I filled out my paperwork. This was about the time that they realized that I was not 18. As a result, my roommate and R.A., Zach, had to sign all of my papers. The other thing, which was way more terrible, was that I had to go to the pediatric wing and not the actual emergency room. Maybe that’s funny to you. One thing that’s not funny was the little boy that was in the waiting room with me. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he kept banging his head saying,”GET IT OUT GET IT OUT! MAKE IT STOP! OH MY GOD! IT HURTS SO BAD!”…..

That crap was out of a scary movie….

Well, after about an hour and a half, they brought us back into our own room, which is where the fun and the pain took place.

After surfing through the channels and realizing that somehow we had 2 english speaking channels, 9 spanish speaking channels, and no movies on(all the other rooms had Finding Nemo on), we decided to have our own fun. Zach took a latex glove, blew it up, and some how made into a ball. Hacky Sack ensued. After playing that for about 30 minutes, we went into the front area where all the nurses were and just started bugging them. It only took about 5 minutes, buuuuuuutttttt…….

THEY GAVE US POPSICLES….HAHA. Betcha don’t get those in the ADULT emergency room.

About 3:45 in the morning, the doctor lady came in. She informed me that it was a good thing I came in, because it was probably going to end up infected if I didn’t. She also informed me that the reason I couldn’t feel much was probably because I cut off nerve endings. She calmly said,”It’s ok….they will grow back after time.”

After soaking my hand in some stuff to get all the dry blood out, she gave me two shots at the bottom of my thumb to numb it. WOW….I’ve never had a shot before. It was not an exciting experience. I didn’t think you could feel the needle. Well, I was wrong. You can feel the whole needle all the way inside of you.

She came back ten minutes later and began with the stitches. One problem….

I felt everything. She stuck the needle in to start the stitches and I was like,”OOOOOWWW. HEY! I COULD FEEL THAT! SERIOUSLY!”

You know what she did? Gave me two more shots of lidocaine…but this time she didn’t give it to me in the base of my thumb. She stuck it into the cut. Right inside of it. Talk about pain.

She proceeded with the first stitch. Great success. The second stitch. No success. You know why?

I FELT EVERYTHING AGAIN…wanna make a guess to what she did? If you guessed two more shots of lidocaine into the cut, you are a winner. So, again, some serious pain.

Third stitch…..yeah I felt it. I was so tired of lidocaine shots, that I just let her do it. Either way a needle was going into my skin. I figured one was enough.

So that was that. My emergency room visit.

If you just can’t get enough, you will have enough after my next post. It’s the same story, but with pictures and videos.



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