My Emergency Room Adventure (The Visual Story)

I was excited to go to the hospital.


Prepping to go to the emergency room. Doesn’t look like much of an “emergency”. I had just wiped it off. Oh yeah. It was also two hours after the cut happened. It was flowing, son.


Sitting in the waiting room.


This lady loved us.


I was a sad little Moffat in the E.R.


Just kept on bleeding.


Wow. I owe Zach big time.


We played with all the things in my room. We tried to make it look like he was in Heaven. It didn’t work as we planned


We rode these rollie chairs around the E.R.


Our favorite latex glove is telling you to rock on.


Right before I got stitches. Good and clean. That sucker was deep.


Here we go……


Getting lidocaine shot….

I was a sad Moffat afterwards….



5 Responses to “My Emergency Room Adventure (The Visual Story)”

  1. That is sad/hilarious…. You owe Zach!

    You shouldn’t have been eating anyway since you had just eaten at my house a few hours earlier…

  2. those pictures are yucky.
    im glad im not eating right now..

  3. Dude you owe me nothing! That’s what friends do.

  4. hahaha.
    this was funny.
    kelsey and karlie love zach…and i just might change my mind. lol

  5. this is what you get for making fun of my cast 24/7

    just kiddding. hope you feeew beeettew wittle boy.

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