Holy Crap

Today, I had a moment of “down time”, and I decided to find some where near campus where there are public soccer fields that can be played on by the general public. I ended up at some parks website, where I found a park called “Noonday Park”.

The title of my blog are the exact words that came out of my mouth when I saw this place…

I came over a huge hill and looked down to the bottom of the hill…..and I saw….

16 soccer fields…..


I’m 100% sure nobody has seen 16 soccer fields lined up beside each other.

It wa glorious, righteous, heavenly, and all things that come with the glory of the Lord.

I couldn’t believe it. No lie, hundreds, if not a thousand people were at this park. Now, most were spectators watching, but still. It was unreal. This is where I will be 82% of the time from now on.

The other 18%? 10% sleeping,3% eating, 3% watching movies, and 3% going to concerts. Studying?

Who does that…?


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