Anyone Hungry?

My roommate Zach is an R.A. This week, he is doing room checks. As a result, he has a universal key.

As a result, we decided to mess with some people.

As a result, mayhem ensued.

We busted up into some girls’s room with about 6 or 7 rolls or toilet paper. They were sitting there screaming at us to stop. Well, eventually we ran out, and took a whole lot of pictures.

After the pictures, we were just sitting there talking. Zach was looking in the cabinets, and found some chocolate sprinkles. He offered me some.

How could I pass up chocolate sprinkles?

So, I took a handful. They looked kiiiiiinda weird, and smelled a little odd. Who cares? They were chocolate sprinkles.

Right before I ate the whole handful, Zach said,”No! Don’t eat those!” Too late….I had already started chewing them.

One of the girls in the room turned around and said…….

“Hey, don’t eat the fish food!!”

Oh, man……..terrible. I brushed my teeth 6 times and drank Listerine 3 times.

Zachary Layne Hein is the ultimate prankster. Do not mess with him.


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