Here I Come Nascar!


Ever since I got my new car, something has constantly happened to me.

If I’m the first person in line at a red light, and if the person beside me is within 10 years of my age, they always seem to try and race me.

I don’t know why….my car is not that fast. I guess because it is such a sexy monster of a car, they seem to try and race…notice I said try.

Today, an Infiniti pulled up beside me at the light. Some punk kid looked over at me with his arm all flexed up on the staring wheel. He gave me that “What’s Up” nod. I reciprocated the head gesture. Then I hear this crappy exhaust on this kid’s car spurt up. It sounded like a giant fart. I looked over at him, and he looked at me, looked at the light, smiled, and nodded his head. I laughed, and nodded. He slowly started edging forward….I started edging forward.

Light turns green. Next thing, I know, he is out of my sight.

Out of sight in my rear view mirror! Ha. I smoked that guy. Sit down Infiniti.

Don’t worry Dad. I reached 50 (limit was 45) and hit the cruise control.

Can’t be getting another ticket!

P.S. Although that kiiiinda looks like my car, it’s not. I did take that picture though!


2 Responses to “Here I Come Nascar!”

  1. davidcjacks Says:

    I’d leave you in the dust!

  2. this is your father….you better not lose to an Infiniti!!!!

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