Mellow Mushroom


After an eventful day in class…


About 15 people from my learning community headed over to Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place and chill spot for students right across the street. Most of us walked, but some people drove. This was interesting, because we had to cross Chastain Road, which is one of the busiest streets I’ve ever seen. After waiting for the lights to change so we could get the little white hand to walk, we just decided to go a little farther down the street and jay walk. Well, we got a small break and cars, and without warning, about 5 of us just took off running. It was intense! We were all yelling and sprinting like crazy!

Don’t worry parents…I’m fine.

Well, we finally got to Mellow Mushroom, and it was awesome! Just chilling and hanging out with people from my learning community was so much fun.

The food…Holy crap.

Jake, Wiley, and I split a Bar-B-Q Chicked Pizza. It had cheddar, mozzerella, grilled chicken, barbeque sauce, and bacon on it.

Hands down…best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

The walk back, not so fun. It was a solid mile from Mellow Mushroom to my dorm. It started raining.

Oh well…It was worth it!


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