Experience of A Lifetime

Tonight, I watched the movie The Kingdom. This movie was easily the movie that I wanted to see the most this year. For some reason, I felt like it would catch my emotions and pull me in like no other movie.

Good lord…

Here it is, 3:15 in the morning and I still can’t sleep. The movie messed my emotions up. Not like I’m sitting here crying or anything like that. It was unreal. It wasn’t like I was watching the movie. I felt like it was real life, and I was there. It tugged on every emotion that is emotionally possible. It was so realistic. Transformers was a great movie, but I’m not into those movies where “that would never happen”.The Kingdom was unreal. A movie critic some where said that “the last 30 minutes will take your breath away…you will literally have to pry your fingers away from the arm rests to be able to move”.

Words can not do justice to how true this is. When the movie was over, nobody in the theater even got up. People were in shock. Here I am, hours later, and I am still messed up by this movie.



One Response to “Experience of A Lifetime”

  1. jhill8855 Says:

    Hey bro. I miss you too. Just call me when you get in town and we’ll hook up. Later

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