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What Is One Thing That You HATE?

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WARNING: This is the most pointless post of all time.

What is one thing that you come in contact with everyday, that is normal to everyone in the world, but to you, you absolutely hate it?

Mine would be one thing and one thing only:

Shower Curtains.

I freaking hate those things.

I hate taking a shower and you are standing in the middle of the shower, but your shower curtain is hanging and taking up 80% of the room in your shower. Instead of it hanging like this—-> l straight up and down it hangs like this—-> \ completely into your shower where you have no room to stand.
This makes me so mad.

What is one thing that you HATE?


The Drive

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I had an interesting drive back.

-I saw a man changing a tire. The only problem was he must have stopped pulling his pants up about half way up his legs. His entire butt cheek was hanging out for all drivers to see.

-There is nothing like driving through the mountains in the middle of fall. Awesome sight with all the trees changing colors.

-I got stuck behind a semi. Nothing out of the ordinary you could say. However, this truck was full of chickens. After about 5 minutes, my car looked like a giant chicken covered in feathers.

-Someone tried to race me while we were ALREADY going 75-80 mph down the interstate. He drove up beside me, reving his engine, and looking at me. How fast did this guy want to go? I laughed at him. . . Then I pulled away from him. Boo yah.

-Everyday I listen to a podcast called “World Soccer Daily” that originally airs live on Sirius Satellite Radio. Today was the first day in a long time that I could listen while the show was live. Soooo. . . I decided to call in. I got through! Only 12 lines open to the whole word, and I got through and talked the guys on the show. The show plays in countries all around the world. They def. talked to me on their show. I know I keep repeating this, but I was very excited.

-It rained on me. . . A lot.

-I made the greatest playlist on my iPod. . .I freaking rocked that Mustang for six hours.

-When I got to Rosie’s house(that’s my mom for you who don’t know), I had gotten my two soccer jerseys that I won on eBay. Freaking incredible stuff. I will wear them every day of my life, alternating each day of the week, and wearing the proper jersey on game day.

Tomorrow, I am going to see Saw 4, but only after I get all my transfer stuff done for the U of M. Go Tigers! Saturday is going to be one of the best nights of my life. Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Plain White T’s, AND Cute Is What We Aim For. . .Gen Admission. Sexy!

Turn or Burn

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I’m sure most of you have seen that guy who stands on the street or the sidewalk and yells things like “Turn or Burn” or “You are going to hell”. Well, there was one of those guys on campus yesterday. After I got done laughing at some of the people around us, I began to listen to him. He was actually pretty smart. His facts were solid, and he knew what he was talking about. He did talk about random crap a lot, but he began to talk about the validity of the Bible in our world.

I threw out a question for him just to see how he would react. I asked him if there was any facts he could give me that prove that the Bible is real and not just some book. He responded with “Well, do you not believe in the Bible??”. I told him I was just playing Devil’s advocate, so he started to answer my question. He began with, “There are plenty of facts showing the truth of the Bible. . . Just like there are plenty of facts showing the truth of creationism and not evolutionism.” All in all, he never answered my question, but he was pretty good.

Fun fact for you. My friend has told me that last week another one of these “Turn or Burn” guys was on campus. He declared KSU the University of Masturbaters. I found that was worth a good laugh.

Random Stuff

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1. Last night, I was at the fields playing futbol, when some guys asked me if I wanted to play a game with them. Sure. . . They explained the rules of this “game” and then we started. I started out in goal. This guy blasts this shot at me, and it’s moving so fast, I half way try to stop it, and half way try and get out of the way. Well, I thought I was out of the way until it curved on me. Instead of stopping it, I made a girly noise as it smashed me in the chest. Come to find out, this guy is a college soccer player and used to play for an amateur club team. I did not know this.

2. In our best of 3 series, I was victorious over “Mr. College Soccer Player”. Go me

3. I went to see the movies 30 Days of Night today. Freaking awesome. Freaked me out. . . Great movie.

4. I have my first college final tomorrow. Nervousness has ensued. . .

5. I am on a Fantasy Football streak. . .4 straight W’s. . . Todd Lollis was victimized this week. Next week should be a good match between me and this guy.’

6. I am a beast on Fifa 08 on the Wii. It would be way cooler if I knew someone who played it too.

UFC 77

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Last night, me and my boy Jake headed out to Wild Wings to watch UFC 77. The best thing about the night: no cover charge.

Great night of fights. I was really pumped for Brandon Vera and Tim Sylvia, but that was a terrible fight. Vera broke his hand in the first round, and for the rest of the fight, they were just tangled up on the cage.

I have come to realization that Anderson Silva is a freaking monster. I don’t know who he is going to lose to, or if he is going to lose. He dominated Rich Franklin in his hometown. That was a great fight.

November 17th is the next pay-per-view. I’ll be at Wild Wings. Come watch the fight…for free!

My New Song

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Well, as I reported in an earlier post, David Jacks, Josh Teal, and I recorded a song earlier this week when they were in the ATL.

Here it is. . .

“Don’t Want It (STD’s)” by Mo-fat Jax/ft. Josh Teal is here. . .

You can bump it right here!

A Memphis Week

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My boy’s David Jacks and Josh Teal flew down from Memphis to the ATL for their fall break, and we were just going to chill and have fun. Well, the adventure started off with hitting up Six Flags Fright Fest. The fright was not really there, and neither were the rides. It seemed like EVERY single ride we got on broke down right before we got on it. One ride actually broke down 200 feet in the air right before we got on it. We ended that night with the ultimate end…late night Waffle House run.


The next day, we headed down to Buckhead. We started off in Buckhead by heading to the ESPNZone to get some lunch. Freaking awesome restaurant. Then we headed down to the Roxy Theatre in Atlanta for the Cartel concert. It was incredible! I was about 5 feet away from the rail in front of the stage. We partied for a few hours down there, and headed back to the dormitory.







On Sunday, we just chiiillleeddd that day. I watched my Fantasy Football team dominate. Then me and the boys headed over to Freedom Church, where it was absolutely rockin’ as usual. After Freedom, we headed to Netherworld, ranked 2nd in the country in haunted houses. Now, I’ve been to Netherworld before, and last time it wasn’t that scary, but maybe that had to do with the infamous Kelsianne ripping my pants story. This time there was no pants ripping, and it was absolutely terrifying! It was awesome!

Monday was the usual tradition. . .Wild Wings for Monday Night Football. That’s about it that happened on Monday. Oh wait. We went to Atlantic Station. . . Cool place.

Tuesday was the same. . .Just kinda chilled. Later that night, we headed to 722. This place is unreal. There’s nothing else to say about it. After 722, we played some late night Ultimate. . .





To top off the trip. . .David Jacks and Jesse Moffat have recorded another hit song. . . This time we got help from our boy Josh Teal! The release will be very soon! Look for a YouTube video coming up soon also!