A Memphis Week

My boy’s David Jacks and Josh Teal flew down from Memphis to the ATL for their fall break, and we were just going to chill and have fun. Well, the adventure started off with hitting up Six Flags Fright Fest. The fright was not really there, and neither were the rides. It seemed like EVERY single ride we got on broke down right before we got on it. One ride actually broke down 200 feet in the air right before we got on it. We ended that night with the ultimate end…late night Waffle House run.


The next day, we headed down to Buckhead. We started off in Buckhead by heading to the ESPNZone to get some lunch. Freaking awesome restaurant. Then we headed down to the Roxy Theatre in Atlanta for the Cartel concert. It was incredible! I was about 5 feet away from the rail in front of the stage. We partied for a few hours down there, and headed back to the dormitory.







On Sunday, we just chiiillleeddd that day. I watched my Fantasy Football team dominate. Then me and the boys headed over to Freedom Church, where it was absolutely rockin’ as usual. After Freedom, we headed to Netherworld, ranked 2nd in the country in haunted houses. Now, I’ve been to Netherworld before, and last time it wasn’t that scary, but maybe that had to do with the infamous Kelsianne ripping my pants story. This time there was no pants ripping, and it was absolutely terrifying! It was awesome!

Monday was the usual tradition. . .Wild Wings for Monday Night Football. That’s about it that happened on Monday. Oh wait. We went to Atlantic Station. . . Cool place.

Tuesday was the same. . .Just kinda chilled. Later that night, we headed to 722. This place is unreal. There’s nothing else to say about it. After 722, we played some late night Ultimate. . .





To top off the trip. . .David Jacks and Jesse Moffat have recorded another hit song. . . This time we got help from our boy Josh Teal! The release will be very soon! Look for a YouTube video coming up soon also!


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