Random Stuff

1. Last night, I was at the fields playing futbol, when some guys asked me if I wanted to play a game with them. Sure. . . They explained the rules of this “game” and then we started. I started out in goal. This guy blasts this shot at me, and it’s moving so fast, I half way try to stop it, and half way try and get out of the way. Well, I thought I was out of the way until it curved on me. Instead of stopping it, I made a girly noise as it smashed me in the chest. Come to find out, this guy is a college soccer player and used to play for an amateur club team. I did not know this.

2. In our best of 3 series, I was victorious over “Mr. College Soccer Player”. Go me

3. I went to see the movies 30 Days of Night today. Freaking awesome. Freaked me out. . . Great movie.

4. I have my first college final tomorrow. Nervousness has ensued. . .

5. I am on a Fantasy Football streak. . .4 straight W’s. . . Todd Lollis was victimized this week. Next week should be a good match between me and this guy.’

6. I am a beast on Fifa 08 on the Wii. It would be way cooler if I knew someone who played it too.


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