The Drive

I had an interesting drive back.

-I saw a man changing a tire. The only problem was he must have stopped pulling his pants up about half way up his legs. His entire butt cheek was hanging out for all drivers to see.

-There is nothing like driving through the mountains in the middle of fall. Awesome sight with all the trees changing colors.

-I got stuck behind a semi. Nothing out of the ordinary you could say. However, this truck was full of chickens. After about 5 minutes, my car looked like a giant chicken covered in feathers.

-Someone tried to race me while we were ALREADY going 75-80 mph down the interstate. He drove up beside me, reving his engine, and looking at me. How fast did this guy want to go? I laughed at him. . . Then I pulled away from him. Boo yah.

-Everyday I listen to a podcast called “World Soccer Daily” that originally airs live on Sirius Satellite Radio. Today was the first day in a long time that I could listen while the show was live. Soooo. . . I decided to call in. I got through! Only 12 lines open to the whole word, and I got through and talked the guys on the show. The show plays in countries all around the world. They def. talked to me on their show. I know I keep repeating this, but I was very excited.

-It rained on me. . . A lot.

-I made the greatest playlist on my iPod. . .I freaking rocked that Mustang for six hours.

-When I got to Rosie’s house(that’s my mom for you who don’t know), I had gotten my two soccer jerseys that I won on eBay. Freaking incredible stuff. I will wear them every day of my life, alternating each day of the week, and wearing the proper jersey on game day.

Tomorrow, I am going to see Saw 4, but only after I get all my transfer stuff done for the U of M. Go Tigers! Saturday is going to be one of the best nights of my life. Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Plain White T’s, AND Cute Is What We Aim For. . .Gen Admission. Sexy!


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