What Is One Thing That You HATE?

WARNING: This is the most pointless post of all time.

What is one thing that you come in contact with everyday, that is normal to everyone in the world, but to you, you absolutely hate it?

Mine would be one thing and one thing only:

Shower Curtains.

I freaking hate those things.

I hate taking a shower and you are standing in the middle of the shower, but your shower curtain is hanging and taking up 80% of the room in your shower. Instead of it hanging like this—-> l straight up and down it hangs like this—-> \ completely into your shower where you have no room to stand.
This makes me so mad.

What is one thing that you HATE?


One Response to “What Is One Thing That You HATE?”

  1. HAHA shower curtains.. i hate it when they are like glue on your skin.

    umm i really REALLY LOATHE eggs. I just hate them. The texture, the smell, the taste. (Has to do with my childhood).

    Oh, I found your blog randomly, by the way.

    cheers xx

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