Mystery Virus

I have been pretty sick since about Thursday. . .

My version of “sick” is different than some people’s version of sick. When I’m sick, I don’t get out of bed. I don’t move. I just sit there. Some people always say they are sick, and they go out and do stuff like they are fine. You are not sick. Shut your mouth.

Anyways, the thing that sucks most about this is my throat. It is swollen. Not too big of a deal right? Well yesterday it wasn’t as bad as today, but today it’s nearly impossible for me to talk. It is swollen that bad. It is painful to talk, and when I attempt to talk, I sound like I have a mouth full of peanut butter. It is really hard, especially when you “talk” to people who ask you a lot of questions.

I went to the doctor yesterday. They immediately thought I had some form of strep throat, but when that test came back negative, they were almost sure I had mono. When that test came back negative, they weren’t sure at all. So now I don’t know what I have. The doctor said “probably some variation of a bacterial or viral infection”, but either way it sucks. Bad.


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