Back to School

I am back in Kennesaw.  Briefly.From what I can see, my last exam will be December 10th. If that is true, then I should be out of Kennesaw that afternoon. Only about 2 weeks left. That is if this stupid school will ever send my transcript to the University of Memphis. I filled out a form over a month ago to get my transcript sent. They even called me a few days after I did it to confirm my transcript request. Somehow, they didn’t send it, because I still haven’t been accepted to Memphis because they are waiting on my transcript.I am nervous about my “report card”… wait, do you even get those in college?Well, I’m nervous about my grades. I am not so sure about 2 classes. So, parents, just a heads up…..might not be as good as it always has been. College is hard. Really hard.


One Response to “Back to School”

  1. Dude, I know a guy at the transcript office at KSU and I had him “lose” your transcripts so that you wouldn’t be accepted to KSU. You will now have to stay here! My plan is genius boy!

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