Back to High School

Tonight, I went to a high school basketball game here in Atlanta. The game was between McEachern and Harrison. McEachern is 6th in the state. Harrison is where my good friend Dan went to high school.  Storylines from tonights game:1. I paid less than regular to get in because the lady said “Well, you are a student here at Harrison…”. You are absolutely right miss lady.2. McEachern has a sophomore named Trae Golden. Trae Golden has already committed to Ohio State… As a sophomore. He was unbelievable. He is about 6’0″, and he threw down two nasty dunks. It was awesome.3.  Harrison’s intro was unlike anything I have ever seen in high school basketball. They shut off the lights, had a crazy loud student section, and had spotlights going crazy. It was not your average high school basketball intro. 4. Harrison was down about 15 points going into the fourth. A ridiculous comeback and some unreal shots allowed them to win the game 68-65. When they won, the students, bench, coaches, and fans went psycho and stormed the court. Here’s a picture of what it looked like right after the stormed the court. img_0087.jpg   


One Response to “Back to High School”

  1. I like the name Trae, if he was a rapper he could be Trae-Kwon!

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