My Last Night In Atlanta

Saturday night, I headed downtown to see my Memphis Grizzlies take on the hometown Atlanta Hawks. Once again, the Grizzlies played like crap against a team they should have beaten. After that, we headed down to Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta, which was really cool. It was all lit up with Christmas lights and stuff. They even had an outdoor ice rink, but since it was like 70 degrees, it was a slush pool instead of an ice rink. I didn’t have my camera, but I did take some pictures on my phone. Check em out!






After the game, I went over to my friend Jake’s house and chilled for a while. Jake’s my boy, and we had a good time chilling before I headed out. I said my goodbyes after a few hours, and headed back to the dorm about 3 in the morning.

While I was driving, my phone died on me and I almost hit a curb while I was looking at the phone. Little did I know, a freaking cop was sitting there watching me. He pulled me over, and said I was driving recklessly. He then began to question me about my alcohol use. Although I have no use of alcohol in my entire life, he wasn’t so sure. So he gave me a breathalizer test.

Perfect way to top off my time in Georgia. A test to prove I’m not intoxicated at three in the morning right in front of my dorms. Gotta love it. Now, I’m back in Memphis, but only for a day or too.


2 Responses to “My Last Night In Atlanta”

  1. Stina and Elizabeth Says:

    thoughts of a moffat…… HAHAHAHA!

    we love you. come home so we can make fun of you.
    and where the eff is our shout out. seriously, what the heck?

  2. Was he shocked that you passed your Breathalyzer?! My buddy got pulled over and the cop couldn’t believe that there was anyone alive that did not drink.

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