The Indiana Trip (Part Two)

-Once Saturday came around and my dad didn’t have to go to work, we finally got to spend some time together. We ate breakfast this morning, watched some EPL football, and then headed to the mall. This was at about noon today.

-At about this time, it finally began to snow. When I say snow, I’m not talking about those Tennessee flurries. I’m talking blizzard snow. Good stuff man good stuff.

-After going Christmas shopping, we headed to Moe’s and ate with my Uncle Dan. Does everyone have an Uncle Dan? I feel like they do.-Around five, my dad and I headed to Granger Community Church. I was really looking forward to going here, because it looked really, really cool on their website. It also looked really, really cool when I got there. Thaaaattt was about the time when they started the service. Now, maybe it was because it was their Christmas service. Maybe…but this was NOT the church I watched on the internet. It sounded different. The people were different. It was just different. Ya know how when ya go to church, it NORMALLY starts with standing up and singing? I never stood up while I was at Granger. Not one time. They did their own music thing, like it was just them in the room. It was strange. However, I think I got some cool pictures though on THE phone. Check em out!

They have a screen behind the entire stage. It’s about the size of a movie theater screen.


Then the service started, and 1234567890 kids came on the stage, picked their noses, and waved to their mommies.

I also got some action shots of Chuck. Here’s my dad’s driving while he was trying to turn left in an impossible-to-turn-left situation. Notice how we are obviously not going with the flow of traffic.


Here’s my dad walking into Meijer’s. It was snowing crazy hard and it was crazy cold!

It’s about 9:30 here, and it still hasn’t stopped snowing. It has snowed ALLLLLL DAY! Looks like I’m going sledding with the family tomorrow!  


One Response to “The Indiana Trip (Part Two)”

  1. I always waved at my mommy and then ran around pulling my shirt up then I had to be “removed” from the stage.

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