Tiger’s Game

After showing my unbelievable expertise at sitting in sections I’m not supposed to be in, I witnessed a butt whooping for the ages. 

Hoyas…? What are those anyways?

Give the Tiger’s credit everyone… People always give me, and others, crap about them. Regardless of what conference we play in, you can’t argue with this

On a side note, I ran into my best bud David C Jacks at the basketball game.Did he speak to me? No.Did he wave to me? No.Did he acknowledge my presence? No.I don’t understand this whole thing… as a matter of fact, nobody does. I don’t even think God understands what David is doing. Kepp doing ya business man!


3 Responses to “Tiger’s Game”

  1. That is the opposite of true. I have always said they were very good. Scary good sometimes.

    Do they play in one of the worst conferences in the country? Yes
    Are they hilarious listneing to when they do interviews? Yes
    Are they very good? Yes
    Can Calipari keep them together all season and through March? That is the question that determines if they make a final 4 appearance or just the Elite 8.

  2. awww j.r. is upset that we won and the only defense is that we play in a weak conference. Im sorry we have lost one conference game in two years even when we play exactly who we are supposed to. We go out of conference and play 5 top 25 teams not counting a good ou team and uconn. But i guess and overrated Pitt team being the star of your nonconference schedule is a great argument for not playing anybody. And last time i checked we were overrated the past two years and were in the elite eight both years…duke was not only ucla and florida can say those things along with us.

    Don’t be bitter that we are better than the little d

  3. o and just so you know you didn’t talk to david either you sipped on your pau gasol cup in a evading motion…

    i feel like im in the middle of a high school musical song and hopefully i will hear a reunion song that is titled “We’re back baby!” so we can all three hang out in the same place without avoiding each other

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