For the past few years, I have opened presents on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure why that’s what we do. It just is. I got….

  •  Clothes
  • A calendar. I have gotten one every year for about the past 5 years.
  • Cologne.
  • Two Seasons of Family Guy
  • Superbad
  • A giant poster of Arsenal’s soccer stadium. The only “problem” is that it is their old stadium. It’s not bad…it’s just not the new one. Thanks anyways Dad!
  • Tickets to an Angels and Airwaves concert in St. Louis in February.
  • A Memphis Tigers license plate for the ‘Stang.
  • A case for my MacBook.
  • Second Row seats to the Memphis Grizzlies against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Up close and personal with Lebron James.
  • Flowmasters for the ‘Stang. I’m so excited about those!

One Response to “Christmas”

  1. Superbad cracked me up! and Family guy, that is the best. “I’ve got a whole freezer full of Popsicles!

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