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Worst News Ever

Posted in Uncategorized on January 30, 2008 by jmoffat

Normally, I never check my emails from Memphis or Kennesaw because they never send actual emails. Actually, it’s just a bunch of a junk… like Kennesaw used to send me emails about how not to get attacked at night on campus.

Well, last night I decided to check my Memphis email for the first time since last Wednesday. I only had 2 emails. One of them was about something stupid, but one of them was quite important.

It was sent to me January 23rd at 2:29 p.m. It said that if I didn’t have 100% of all of my tuition and fees paid for by the 24th at 5:30 p.m., that I would be basically be kicked out of Memphis. They would cancel all my classes, and basically I would be voided as a student.

As coincidence would have it, before I checked my email I had just got done entering in a bunch of information so that my loan could process. I guess that was pointless… However, I should have done this stuff a long time ago, so me getting booted from Memphis was 100% my fault.

So, it looks like I moved back to Memphis for… not much at all. This post could be pretty much forgotten all together.



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I apologize for being such a sporadic blogger. I just am a busy kid…I guess.

Well, last night was my second basketball game. We won 63-57. I had 12 points, and all 12 were on lay-ups, which is alright, because I sure couldn’t hit any jump shots last night. I was also warned during last night’s game by the referees that if I dunked it, I would be ejected from the game. What kind of men’s league is this??

Memphis is number one in the nation for at least one week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kansas jumps them in the upcoming weeks, but I’m sure Kansas will lose a game in conference play, and then Memphis will be number one for real…

I am thinking of a possible major change, as in changing majors in college. I have come to realization that where I wanted to go in broadcasting (a P.A. Announcer) isn’t much of a full time job, but more of a hobby that you get paid for… does that even make sense? So, I’m thinking about switching to Journalism, or staying in Broadcasting, and maybe going into radio? What do you think?

Back Home

Posted in Uncategorized on January 17, 2008 by jmoffat

Luckily, my mom’s friend has keys to our house because she watches our dogs. She came over and unlocked the door for me, so now I’m back in the house.

Tonight, I had my first basketball game of the year. A couple of my friends and I are playing in a men’s league, and tonight, we played a bunch of 40 year old white dudes. It wasn’t a lot of fun. The final score…79-42. We killed them.

I had 21 points. I also had an almost dunk, but mistimed my jump and ended up barely getting up there… oh well, I’m sure I’ll get one by the end of this year.

Locked Out

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2008 by jmoffat

Last night after the Grizzlies game, I was on my way home when I realized that I didn’t have my house keys. They were on the same ring as my car keys, and since I didn’t drive, I left my car keys at home. This normally wouldn’t be too bad, except for the fact that my parents are out of town. My mom, who I live with, doesn’t get back home until Friday night.

As a result, I have no car, no clothes, nothing… I am sleeping on the couch at my friend’s house. Hopefully, we can get the house unlocked…


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Thanks to my lovely mother, I had the privilege of going to the Memphis Grizzlies game tonight. The best part was that they played Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It was hands down one of the top 3 games I have ever been to. Back and forth, back and forth all night. The Grizz hit a 3 with 10 seconds left to tie the game, and Lebron missed a jump shot to win it, so we headed to overtime.

In overtime, Lebron took over. In the 4th quarter and overtime alone, he scored 25 points. The Cavs ended up winning by 8, 132-124 in what was an amazing offensive display.

I wanted to say thank you to my mom for the tickets, and thanks to Blake for going with me. Not that he was ever going to say no…

Quotes from Philosophy

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15, 2008 by jmoffat

My second class of the day was philosophy. Funny thing about this was my professor was only a graduate student. He said many funny things…

1. “I don’t know why they let me teach a class. I’m almost the same age as you”.
2. “I probably should have learned this before I decided to teach the class on it”.
3. “Is there anything I haven’t said that all of your old people professors say because I want to be professional like them”.
4. “I don’t take attendance and we only have a 4 assignments… Wow. I just realized that my class is a big joke.”
5. “I’m not really feeling this semester guys. I think I’d rather be on vacation again because this spring semester sucks so far.”
6. After a long pause…”maaannnn. I’m sorry guys. I’m so tired. I almost dozed off on ya.”
7. “Plato is one ooollldddd duuuddddeee.”

Sitting in Class

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Right now, I am sitting in World Civilization II. It has not started yet, but as of right now, the class consists of me and 6 other females.So far, I might like Memphis more than Kennesaw… only time will tell.