New Year

2007 ended with me watching Clemson get beat because they can’t finish a game off.

2008 started with watching Georgia spank Hawaii like a bunch of school girls. Pretty good stuff.

Maybe Tommy Bowden should take some lessons from Mark Richt. Or from Todd Lollis.

New Years Resolution-Get a J-O-B and get an apartment. Wal-Mart is calling my name, and chances are, I won’t be able to go to school this semester, so I will end up getting another job, possibly at Hibbett’s Sports in Covington. Only problem about the apartment is that I need a roommate, hopefully one that goes to the U of M, so if you know anyone, tell them to hit me up.

New Year’s Resolutions are pointless though.


4 Responses to “New Year”

  1. Covington, GA?!?!?!?! Oh don’t get my hopes up like that. You are a cold and cruel person. =-)

  2. david jacks goes to the u of m

  3. to zach-covington tennessee

    mrs. teri-if my classes don’t get registered in time, then i won’t be able to go to school. since i can’t register my classes for some reason, it’s not looking good.

    j.c.-i already had plans to live with david jacks. he does not want to live with me. nobody knows why but david and god, so as a result, i don’t think i will be living with him unless something changes for real.

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