Moving Back to Atlanta?

Today, after hanging out and playing Rock Band, I headed back to KSU, my old school, to see how things were going there. I went back to my old room to see 2 of my roommates. Apparently, the third one was not allowed to be an R.A. this semester, so they (the school) kicked him out of the dorms. After leaving my old room, I headed to the restaurant in my dorms, Hemingwayz, to get my favorite burrito that I ate 3 or 4 times a week while I was here at school. Amazing….

While I was at KSU, I realized how much I really missed being there. I remembered how it felt in my dorm room, where I basically lived on my own, and how now, I have to live with my mom (no offense mom). Unlike some people who have trouble moving out of their house and getting used to something new, I loved it, and it kind of sucks that I am back at home in my regular “high school” routine. It just kinda sucks because I liked being on my own, and KSU basically gave me the opportunity to be on my own.

Maybe I should just move back. I mean, there’s no one in my old bed room, I can still register for classes, and I’ll be on my own again.

On second thought, naw. Let’s go Tigers!!


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