Quotes from Philosophy

My second class of the day was philosophy. Funny thing about this was my professor was only a graduate student. He said many funny things…

1. “I don’t know why they let me teach a class. I’m almost the same age as you”.
2. “I probably should have learned this before I decided to teach the class on it”.
3. “Is there anything I haven’t said that all of your old people professors say because I want to be professional like them”.
4. “I don’t take attendance and we only have a 4 assignments… Wow. I just realized that my class is a big joke.”
5. “I’m not really feeling this semester guys. I think I’d rather be on vacation again because this spring semester sucks so far.”
6. After a long pause…”maaannnn. I’m sorry guys. I’m so tired. I almost dozed off on ya.”
7. “Plato is one ooollldddd duuuddddeee.”


5 Responses to “Quotes from Philosophy”

  1. The basketball team interviews now make so much more sense!

  2. i seriously wish i had your psych teacher! Mine was a JERK!!

  3. Wow Jesse… Congrats on choosing a Memphis education…

  4. thank you ted and jr.
    i appreciate it.

  5. I had a government teacher like that, He told stories and gave us all a b. loved it.

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