I apologize for being such a sporadic blogger. I just am a busy kid…I guess.

Well, last night was my second basketball game. We won 63-57. I had 12 points, and all 12 were on lay-ups, which is alright, because I sure couldn’t hit any jump shots last night. I was also warned during last night’s game by the referees that if I dunked it, I would be ejected from the game. What kind of men’s league is this??

Memphis is number one in the nation for at least one week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kansas jumps them in the upcoming weeks, but I’m sure Kansas will lose a game in conference play, and then Memphis will be number one for real…

I am thinking of a possible major change, as in changing majors in college. I have come to realization that where I wanted to go in broadcasting (a P.A. Announcer) isn’t much of a full time job, but more of a hobby that you get paid for… does that even make sense? So, I’m thinking about switching to Journalism, or staying in Broadcasting, and maybe going into radio? What do you think?


4 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. I think you should become a full time Georgian!

  2. That’s what my degree is in, and unless you hit it big, there’s not alot of money in it. It’s a slow climb.

  3. you know what i think…journalism is the way to go bud!!!

  4. Guest Broadcaster Says:

    First, the future of “broadcasting” is pretty uncertain. You can take a look at the difficulties of Sirius and XM. It’s very likely that something like Apple TV is the future of home entertainment. Where you download movies and TV shows you want to see, on your own time, and without commercials. I’m not sure how news and sports work into this new model, but you’ll probably be able to buy live streams of those programs, like you can subscribe to a season of TV shows on iTunes. Second, both broadcasting & journalism are poorly paid fields except for a lucky few that make network anchors. Take advantage of your status as a student to do some informational interviews with local broadcasters and journalists and, without asking directly, try to get a sense of how well off financially they are. “What kind of car can I afford on a journalist’s salary? How long did it take you pay off student loans?” Expect to move a lot in this career to work your way up the ladder. If you want to have a family and kids, this will be very hard on your children having to change schools every few years. There are probably better ways to earn a decent living in professional sports. I’d do some informational interviews with team management and see what might interest you in something that pays better and doesn’t require constant moving. Just tell them you’re “doing a report for school and would like to do career informational interview.” Who knows, you might get an internship/part-time job out of it. That’ll be much more valuable when you graduate than a job at Wal-Mart.

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