I’m incredibly tired right now, but I promised I would write a blog, and so I am forcing myself to do it.

Tonight, in celebration of my birthday, Kelsey, Karlie, Ashlin, and I headed downtown to this restaraunt. The sushi there is awesome, and it’s just overall a cool place to be.

After the dinner, we headed over to this place where we got some ice cream and just hung out for a few minutes.

We were waiting for our movie, The Ruins, to start. Funny thing about this was that the Peabody Place is a very strict place. They have their own code of conduct and security guards that enforce these rules. When I went to get everyone’s movie ticket, the man in the booth looked at me and said,”Can I see some I.D.? This movie is rated R.” I gave him my I.D., he looked at it, smiled, looked back at me, and I said,”Yes, today is my birthday. I am 18.”

It was a sweet feeling.

The movie, however…NOT a sweet feeling.
Don’t go see this movie. Please. It was a waste of money. If you are looking to get rid of some money, don’t spend it on a ticket to this movie. Just send it to me.

Overall, a great night with my best friends. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

See ya in the rated R movies!!!


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