Gonna Be A Long Day

Been a long time since I wrote a blog…

Last night, I went to see The Dark Knight at midnight. The movie was… insane, unbelievable, incredible, jaw-dropping, and all things that are related.

Heath Ledger’s performance was absolutely amazing. Part of this was probably because he is dead. However, most of this is probably because the way he portrayed the Joker was unreal. It was unlike anything I’ve seen in a villain. If you would have made me watch that movie without me knowing anything about it or the characters in it, I would have seen the Joker and I wouldn’t have had a clue which actor is playing that character. He didn’t even seem like the same person that sang in the bleachers during “10 Things I Hate About You”. It was great. I would go see it at least eleven more times.

Well, the movie didn’t end until about 2:45 this morning, and by the time I got home and fell asleep, it was well after 3:30.

After less than three hours of sweet, sweet sleep, I woke up and went to work for almost 8 hours.

Now, I am at the airport sitting at my gate waiting to get on a flight to Dallas. After I get to Dallas, I am getting on another plane to Tucson, Arizona. This is where I get to see my dad. I haven’t seen my dad in what feels like forever, so it will be a good change from talking to him on the phone every night. I’m excited for all the things we get to do…we are going to see this place, these guys play, and I also get to see my two brothers, who I have never seen before in my entire life.

And by the time I land in Tucson at 10:25 Pacific time, I will be dead tired. This is too much for less than three hours of sleep… but it will be all worth it!


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