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Freakin Sweet Weekend! (Part Two)

Posted in Friends, Sports, Videos on September 3, 2007 by jmoffat

On Saturday afternoon, I headed down to the Liberty Bowl to watch my beloved Tigers take on the Rebels of Ole Miss. For the record, I hate Ole Miss, and I think I hate everyone that goes there. If you don’t know about Memphis football, then I will tell you that last year, out of 119 college football teams, we were ranked about 115. Not so good…..

So I wasn’t expecting the Tigers to put up much of a fight. I was right for the entire first half. In the second half, Memphis picked it up a little bit. We were down 23-0 at one point. I’m not going to get into all the specifics of what happened, but in the end, Memphis missed a 2 point conversion with 30-something seconds left and lost by 2, 23-21. Overall, it was a great game. After the game, David, Ashlin, Rebekah, my friend Parker, and Rebekah’s friend Jeremy went out to eat at a place called “Tasty Buffet”. I’m not going to lie, it was tasty.

After diving into some Asian food for a little bit, we headed off our seperate ways for a little bit. At about 7, David and I went over to the Woodards’ house for some Guitar Hero and some video filming. We would have finished the video last night, but David’s computer died…..Nice job David.

I ended up spending the night at David’s house, which is where we filmed this……..

More to come about the rest of my weekend a little later!!!!


Freakin Sweet Weekend! (Part One)

Posted in Friends, Uncategorized on September 2, 2007 by jmoffat

I got back to Memphis on Thursday night. I started out my weekend by going to the AT&T Store and getting the new iPhone!! So far, it has been absolutely incredible!!

On Friday afternoon, I met up with my boys David Jacks and Josh Teal and we headed down to the Delta Fest Fair and Music Festival. We got there at about 3:30. Ashlin, Kelsey, Karlie, and Rebekah were going to meet us there a few minutes later. In the time between us getting there and them getting there, I did see a 4 foot long, 100 pound rat. Nasty little sucker.

When the girls got there, we got our wristbands (well some of us did), and headed out to all the incredible rides! Yes, there were some incredible rides at the Delta Fair. All of them did spin in a circle really fast. I think the ride conductor just lets it go until someone gets sick. It’s definitely not until someone says “Stop the ride”, because Ashlin yelled that in terror for about 90% of one ride, and that guy sure didn’t listen. “StOp ThE rIdE!!!! sToP tHe RiDe!! PLEASE STOP THE RIDE!!” It was actually one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

After some nauseating riding, we headed into the AgriCenter, where my boy JTEAL saw Gym Class Heroes dressing room. Now, if you don’t know, GCH was the reason we came to the fair. We just wanted to see them in concert later that night. Well, Ashlin walks over to their dressing room and just opens the door and asks them to come out there and take pictures with us. As you would expect a famous band to do, they all said HECK YEAH, and came out to where we were standing and just started taking pictures with us. We gave them all high fives, wished them luck, and went back out and rode more rides.

The concert was AWESOME! Check back later for some pictures!

An interesting thing happened during the concert. The lead singer kept throwing out his towels. Apparently, these were hot items around here. Well, he threw one towel dead into the middle. About ten people had their hands on it, until this Medusa Mrs.Piggy looking girl just starts punching people who are holding on to the towel. Just starts wailing on people. I’m not gonna lie….I don’t know many people who wouldn’t have let go of that towel.

After the concert, we went out and rode some more rides. It was freaking awesome. While we were riding rides, the lead singer of GCH just walks right past us. We told him great show, things like that, and kept on going. We were tired, and we needed some rest to prepare us for the next day.

Check out what David Jacks had to say about that night!!

Stay tuned to see the second part of my weekend!!

Greatest Prank of All Time

Posted in Friends, School on August 29, 2007 by jmoffat

Well, last night, when I wasn’t home, my roomates apparently rolled someone’s door. The room rolled us back. I know you are thinking “How is that the greatest prank ever?”.

Well, impatient, I will tell you.

After they got us, we figured that it was time to get them back, but to the point where they could never equal our prank.

So, we started by taking 7 sets of 4 thumb tacks. We taped them to these girls’s door hinge where the pointy end was poking out. We then took balloons and taped them from the door hinges across the door. They were about 1/2 an inch away from the thumb tacks. Did I mention the balloons were filled with shaving cream? When we knock on their door, obviously they wil open it. When they open it, the tape on the balloon pulls the balloons into the door, making them hit the thumb tacks, and thus, exploding shaving cream everywhere.



Now, it was about 2:30 in the morning when we did this. Most people in our dorm are actually awake at that time. Nobody in this room was. So we knocked and knocked for a few minutes. When they finally answered the door, I wasn’t expecting them to come, so I was standing right beside the door. The girl seemed to be pissed, probably because we banged on her door for 5 minutes at 2:30 in the morning. As a result, she yanked the door open. Laughter pursued. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!!! The balloons start exploding and shaving cream starts flying into their room and into the hallway. It’s all over everyone’s clothes. It’s everywhere. This girl is freaking out because she woke up from a dead sleep to get the annoying door knocker away from her door.

Next thing you know, people start running out of their rooms to see what’s going on. This girl’s roomates come flying out of their rooms to see what’s going on. People start coming out of the elevator because they heard the explosions and laughter from the other floors. It was awesome.





The credit goes to Zach. Awesome plan man.

There will be a video of it posted soon!!

Another Blooper

Posted in Friends, Videos on August 23, 2007 by jmoffat

Another video in similiar fashion as the other blooper. We were filming a video to “Be My Escape” by Relient K. Kelsianne gets a little frisky, tries a little something, and goes down in flames.

Music Video Blooper

Posted in Friends, Videos on August 23, 2007 by jmoffat

We filmed a music video to “The Show” by Hawk Nelson. Everything was going great, until Maddi figured she would throw in some flavor.

Well, if I was to be honest, she didn’t get the right ingredients, because her flavor was very not so good